Top 10 Reasons to Leash Your Dog

Everyone has encountered at least one dog that insists on greeting every person they see – whether that person wants to interact or not – and there’s not a leash in sight. For many canines, it’s a natural love of people and an exuberance for life. However, there are a number of good reasons to keep your dog leashed at all times when he’s outside your house.

  1. Dog Safety

No matter how well-trained a dog is, they’re much like young children. If something sufficiently interesting catches their attention, they’ll dash into traffic without a second thought. Many drivers will attempt to stop to avoid hitting a dog, but many won’t. A leash is also beneficial for protecting your dog from aggressive canines.

  1. Leash Laws

Leash laws are often in effect, even if you’re not aware of them. The laws are designed to preserve the safety of the public. Disregarding leash laws can result in expensive fines.

  1. Disease Prevention

Unfortunately, you and your dog will encounter feces left by irresponsible dog owners. With a leash, you’ll be able to prevent your dog from coming into contact with the waste that has the potential to infect them with worms, bacteria such as distemper, viruses that includes parvo, and fungal infections of the lungs.

  1. People Safety

Not everyone is a dog lover, or even an animal lover in general. Leashing enables you to control the dog’s access to other people. It’s critical if your dog doesn’t like children. Youngsters often try to pet them without asking first.

  1. Bonding Time

Keeping your dog close while going for walks is part of the bonding process and is much more enjoyable with a leashed, well-behaved canine.

  1. Identification

If for some reason your dog is separated from you, the leash is a symbol of identification indicating that he/she isn’t a stray and belongs to someone.

  1. Property Protection

There’s no way a property owner can tell just by looking if your dog is friendly or not. Finding a dog on their property can be extremely upsetting and end badly for the dog. Going on someone else’s property can also expose a canine to dangerous substances.

  1. Jumping

No one wants a set of pawprints planted on their clothing. A leash ensures that your dog stays at your side and you can control how close they get to other people. It can also prevent an expensive bill for cleaning or replacing someone’s clothing.

  1. Wildlife Dangers

Your dog may find wildlife fascinating or see a threat they must protect you against. Leashes prevent nasty bites and potential disease.

  1. Being Neighborly

Keeping your dog on a leash is a way to be a good neighbor and reflects well on you as a pet parent.


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