Signs Your Apartment Complex is Dog Friendly

Many apartment complexes allow pets or claim to be dog compatible, but they’re not really pet-friendly. If you have a dog, there are things to look for that will tell you if the complex will be a good place for you and your canine companion to live.

Many landlords advertise that they allow pets, but that doesn’t mean they’re happy about it. They use the term as a way to lure potential renters. They automatically assume every dog is going to cause a considerable amount of costly damage to the property. Never sign a lease that says no dogs/pets allowed, even if the manager says it’s okay.

No Restrictions or Deposits

If there are no weight limits, breed restrictions, or non-refundable pet deposit required, it’s a safe assumption that the landlord is welcoming to your dog. However, don’t be surprised if there’s a refundable pet deposit that will be returned if you move and no damage has occurred.

Pet Waste Stations

The installation of a pet waste station demonstrates that the landlord is cognizant of a dog’s needs and cares about keeping the premises clean. Pet waste stations are convenient for pet parents and a welcome perk.

Play Area

If there are no pet parks close by, many landlords provide fenced-in play areas for renters and their dogs. The spaces can provide a way for dogs to work off excess energy and get exercise, but use caution when letting your dog play with others. Not all dogs are as well behaved as they should be.

Spa Services

An increasing number of landlords with high-end properties are adding areas to their premises where pet parents can provide some pampering for their pets. Some are self-serve, while other landlords provide on-site services on a regular basis. Services may include dog wash stations, nail clipping, grooming, and dog walking.

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