Save the Neighborhood with Pet Waste Stations

Pet waste is becoming an increasingly dire problem in neighborhoods across the nation. Inconsiderate dog owners refuse to clean up after their canines and the result is placed where it’s not safe to walk, bike or for kids to play without the potential for finding an unwanted mess on their shoes, tires or even clothes.

The solution is pet waste stations that provide a hygienic way for disposing of solid pet waste. The stations are available in multiple styles. They can be purchased as receptacles only or with an attached pet waste bag dispenser. Units are also available that dispense bags only. Outdoor receptacles can be distributed throughout the neighborhood at strategic intervals for the best coverage.

Indoor pet waste receptacles are a new innovation in the event that a dog can’t make it outside in time and has an accident. The indoor model provides enough space to stock all the essential supplies to clean up solid or liquid wastes and dispose of them hygienically. It also includes a vandal-proof lock and the stylish silver metallic finish accommodates any décor.

The indoor model is equally appropriate for veterinarian offices, doggy day care, home and office complexes, and any location where canines will be present. The outdoor unit helps keep grounds surrounding malls, gas stations, hotels, restaurants and similar locations clean and appealing.

There’s no excuse for individuals to not clean up after their dog. Waste that’s allowed to remain on the ground has the potential to infect other animals with disease and parasites. Some of those parasites are transmissible to humans. The waste attracts a variety of insects and results in offensive odors.

Pet waste stations are a clean, convenient, and sanitary way to address the problem of pet waste in any neighborhood. It prevents waste from contaminating the soil, washing into waterways, and provides a healthy solution for everyone.

At Crown Products, we create high-quality, focused products that, in essence, improve the quality of life for everyone who uses your facilities and public spaces. Visitors benefit from a cleaner space and resources to keep it clean, staff can focus on important maintenance rather than cleaning up litter and waste, and you can enjoy a pristine and appreciated space!

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