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Poopy Pouch Header Pet Waste Bags

Header style bags that are not on a continuous, perforated roll; but rather hang flat in a dispenser from 2 hooks. Easy single-pull bag access reduces wasted bag usage by as much as 50% over traditional “roll style” bags. Bags are extra thick and opaque green, so you can’t see the poo that is in the pouch.

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Supply Your Pet Waste Stations With Better Doggy Doo Bags

  • Header-style hanging makes these poo bags perfect for outdoor pet waste stations.
  • Supply pet waste bags to keep outdoor areas clear of pet messes.

Our Poopy Pouch Header Pet Waste Bags hang flat for easy dispensing one bag at a time, so there is less waste. Encourage everyone to clean up after their pets with these easy-to-use pet waste bags that work with many outdoor pet waste stations. They were made for use with our Regal dispenser or station. These pet waste bags are also compatible with most single-pull pet waste dispensers.

  • Bag size: 8” x 13”
  • 200 bags per header
  • Packaged 12 headers per case
  • 2400 total bags

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Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 8 in

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