Outdoor Amenities That Make Neighborhoods More Desirable

When people think of moving into a new neighborhood, there’s a range of amenities they seek that support their lifestyle. Individuals want a clean neighborhood and that takes on even more importance if they have children or pets.

Modern buyers and renters are seeking areas that are within easy walking distance of the things they need and want. They don’t want to travel extensive distances to reach them.

Public Transportation

Many modern individuals don’t own a car, making easy access to transportation a necessity. At the very least, taxi and ride-sharing access is essential, but it can also include proximity to local bus and train terminals.

Dog Waste Receptacles

Most cities have ordinances dictating people clean up after their dog and neighborhoods that provide dog waste receptacles are more desirable. The devices provide a convenient place to deposit bagged dog feces and some models also provide bags.


For those with children, a well-equipped playground is essential. That includes areas for toddlers as well as older youngsters.

Dog Park

A safe area where dogs can play or trails they can be walked on are highly sought by people with canines. Dogs are members of the family and amenities that cater to them are essential for many individuals.

Green Spaces

This includes paved and unpaved trails where people can walk, jog and bike in safety. Public parks with picnic tables where people can enjoy time outdoors and families can spend quality time are also wanted. Well maintained public pools are always a plus.

Gyms and Fitness Centers

An increasing number of people are pursuing a healthier lifestyle that includes visits to the gym or a local fitness center. Convenient and local access is important.

Entertainments, Activities

Today’s homeowners and renters don’t have the same needs or desires as in the past. Modern individuals want to live in neighborhoods that offer activities such as tennis or pickleball courts, aerobics studios, basketball courts, and areas where outdoor concerts can be held, weekly films shown, or arts and craft shows can be conducted.

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