Neighborhood Pet Stations: Keeping the Peace

There are nearly 90 million dogs across the U.S. A significant number reside in city and urban environments where they must be walked daily to take care of their elimination needs. Most owners are considerate, collect their dog’s feces, and dispose of the waste properly.

Unfortunately, there are also inconsiderate or just plain lazy individuals that refuse to clean up after their canines. It’s just one of the many reasons that pet stations are being installed in cities, communities, and neighborhoods throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Pet stations provide an effective, convenient and sanitary way to keep neighborhoods clean and prevent the spread of disease. They can also aid in keeping the peace between neighbors. While they’re extreme examples, disputes over the clean-up of dog feces has spiraled out of control in multiple locations and some instances even ended in gunfire.

The free-standing pet waste disposal stations are affordable, provide the bags to scoop up feces, and is a convenient repository for depositing the bags for disposal. They can be placed in dog parks, throughout city landscapes, and residential areas. They’re equally effective for managing pet waste near playgrounds and apartment complexes.

In a society in which ever greater numbers of people and pets are living in close proximity to each other, managing and controlling pet waste is of critical importance. Accumulated pet waste is a vector for diseases and parasites that can affect other pets and even people.

The feces represent an environmental hazard that pollutes the soil and waterways. It robs aquatic domains of oxygen that kills fish and fosters the growth of algae blooms. One aspect of which many aren’t aware, is the destructive effect that pet feces have on manmade structures such as driveways, roads, and sidewalks.

Pet stations are an easy way to foster compliance with clean-up laws. Properties in clean and hygienic neighborhoods also command higher values. They’re perceived as having an Improved quality of life and are neighborhoods in which people are eager to participate.

At Crown Products, we create high-quality, focused products that, in essence, improve the quality of life for everyone who uses your facilities and public spaces. Visitors benefit from a cleaner space and resources to keep it clean, staff can focus on important maintenance rather than cleaning up litter and waste, and you can enjoy a pristine and appreciated space! 

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