Neighborhood Perks When Searching for a New Home

There are some features that are non-negotiable when searching for a new home, such as commute time, size of the dwelling, and your budget, along with storage space, good schools and safety. However, there are neighborhood perks that individuals should look for even if they won’t use them.


Even with a fenced in yard, children can get bored. A nearby playground is an excellent perk for families with youngsters. A playground provides numerous opportunities for socializing and getting to know the neighbors.

Dog Parks

Anyone with a dog will appreciate the convenience of a dog park. It’s a great way for individuals and their pets to exercise and play.

Dog Waste Station

If there are dogs in the neighborhood, cleanliness is imperative. Pet waste stations provide the bags to pick up feces and a receptacle for disposing of them that’s safe, hygienic, and environmentally responsible.

Walking Paths

Walking is an excellent way to stay fit and healthy. Consider the amenities on the path such as bathrooms, water fountains, shelter in the event of rain or sweltering temperatures, and if there’s somewhere to get a snack along the way. Other factors include the distance between amenities, the length of the trail and the surface – is it easy to walk on or is it rough and uneven.

Fitness Center

For those that want a more intensive form of exercise, don’t underestimate the value of a gym or fitness center that’s located within a reasonable distance of the home.

Stores and Shops

No one wants to drive out of their way to pick up a loaf of bread or gallon of milk. Even a corner convenience store is preferable to no stores or shops at all. The availability of nearby shops, stores and restaurants can be an indication of potential growth in the area and increased property values in the future.

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