Managing Poopy Diapers on the Move

Babies have no regard for what their parents and caretakers are doing when they have a bowel movement. It doesn’t matter whether individuals are using cloth or disposable diapers, there will be times when they have to deal with a messy diaper. The key to managing poopy diapers on the move is being prepared.

Diaper Bag

Never leave home without it. Even if its for a short trip down the block to the store for a couple of items. Make sure it’s packed with all the essentials for a diaper blowout that includes diapers, baby wipes, plastic pants if using cloth diapers, a clean outfit, and a bag for the messy diaper.

Size and Fit

If a baby is nearing the transition into the next size of disposable diapers, moving up to the next size aids in avoiding blowouts. Don’t go strictly by the size on the box – buy what fits the baby best and make sure the diaper is pulled up high enough. An ill-fitting diaper contributes to poopy blowouts.

Before Re-diapering

Ascertain if it’s just a dirty diaper or a complete blowout. It the diaper contents has escaped onto clothing, assemble the changing items first, then remove all the child’s clothing and set them aside for the clean-up process. If the baby is wearing a onesie, pull it down for removal instead of over the head to prevent smearing the mess. Shirts that are still clean can be pulled up out of the way. Completely wipe down the baby before rediapering and redressing.

Diaper Care

A disposal diaper can be folded and wrapped up around itself and placed into a bag for disposal. A cloth diaper is a little more complicated. Whenever possible, feces should be rinsed off. Ideally, individuals will invest in environmentally-friendly diaper disposal bags that are leak proof and prevent odors from escaping. They can be used to drop a disposable diaper into the trash or to transport a dirty diaper and clothing back home to be dealt with there.


Babies should be checked every couple of hours to see if they’ve urinated or pooped their diaper. It will give parents and caregivers an idea of how often and when the baby soil their diaper, which can be helpful for busy schedules on the go. Regular changing also prevents diapers from becoming overloaded and more prone to messy blowouts.

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