Making Public Restrooms More Family Friendly

The modern family has changed significantly from days past. Few public bathrooms have modernized to accommodate those families. Public bathrooms are used for more than just a bathroom break. The facilities are now used for everything from feeding babies to changing diapers. Parents are often forced to temporarily leave a child under age 5 on their own if they’re of a different gender than the parent.

Times are changing and some businesses are making an effort to modernize – even though updating their facilities to a family-friendly bathroom incurs additional expense. They’re creating public bathrooms that aren’t reliant upon gender specific designations and utilizing multiple methods to accomplish that goal.

One of the ways they’re doing that is by creating bathrooms that are actually small individual rooms rather than a large open room equipped with multiple stalls. These public bathrooms contain a toilet stall with a door that can be closed for privacy, but they also contain a urinal and feature more space.

Toilets with sensors that automatically flush have been available for some time, but they’re only now gaining traction in many public bathrooms. They offer a superior level of cleanliness and they’re especially convenient for parents with multiple small children.

Sink arrangements need to be revamped. They’re a trial for anyone trying to teach their children about the importance of cleanliness. The sinks are too high for younger children to access which means parents have to hold their child, lean down so the child can reach the water, and risk crushing the child to reach the soap dispenser.

Paper towels have been eliminated from many public bathrooms for no-touch hygienic purposes. They’ve been replaced by high-speed air dryers that – to a young child – has the force and sound of a jet engine. The sound made by one of these dryers exceeds 80 decibels, is amplified in the bathroom environment, and can damage hearing.

One addition to some public bathrooms is a comfy chair for bottle feeding or breastfeeding. Some women prefer to breastfeed in a quieter setting and it enables fathers to bottle feed their children whenever needed.

Public bathrooms have improved over their counterparts of the last decade, but they’re still in need of serious improvement. Men and women need a bathroom environment with more than just a changing table or a coin-operated diaper dispenser in an emergency. Public bathrooms must be designed for cleanliness, convenience, and comfort.

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