Keep Your Parks Clean Using Multiple Pet Waste Stations

Dog excrement is creating a major problem for cities throughout the world. Dog waste is a
serious health and environmental hazard. South Florida is at particular risk and is already on
federal clean up lists.
Revealing Studies
Multiple studies have shown that a little over 60 percent of people do pick up after their
canines. The other 40 percent don’t and are giving dog owners a bad name. It happens on the
street, in dog parks, and in public parks.
That 40 percent can’t be bothered and are contributing to a variety of issues. Dog feces take
several months to decompose and are washed into waterways during rain storms. It’s
contaminating waterways, killing fish, and contributing to toxic algae blooms. The excrement
can also spread bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites to people, pets and wildlife.
Its the Law
What many people don’t know is that it’s unlawful for owners to leave their dog’s waste lay
where it falls. It’s illegal to leave the waste on the street or sidewalk, in parks, or on the owner’s
own property. The law says it must be picked up immediately on public or private property.
Those who don’t can receive a fine of up to $1,100.
Clean Solution
An easy, convenient and affordable solution to the problem is pet waste stations to help keep
parks, child play areas and cities clean. The receptacles are offered in two styles. One offers a
depository for dog waste. The other type features a depository, along with bags for picking up
waste if an owner forgets to bring a bag.
South Florida is a highly dog-friendly area and a large portion of the population owns at least
one canine. With so many dogs in residence, it just makes good sense to install pet waste
stations in parks and similar locations. They’re an essential tool to help keep areas clean so they
can be enjoyed by everyone.

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