How to Keep a Crowded Gym Germ Free

Gyms provide an optimal environment for the spread of bacteria, fungi and viral elements – collectively known as germs. Proper hygiene is extremely important in crowded environments. Gym owners have a responsibility to their clients to maintain the facility as germ-free as possible to prevent illnesses that can easily be transmitted to others within the gym and beyond.

Studies have shown that gym equipment of all types have a higher level of biological contamination than many other surfaces. For instance, exercise bikes contain 39 times more germs than trays in a cafeteria, treadmills have 74 times more bacteria than public bathrooms, and free weights contain 362 times more germs than an average toilet seat. It’s easy to see why keeping gyms clean is so important.

Stay Home

Encourage gym users and staff to stay home if they’re ill. It’s more important to keep users and staff safe and healthy than be ground zero for spreading infections.


It’s easy to think nothing of a little cut or scrape, but those small injuries are an open invitation to multiple types of infection. Make sure any wounds are fully and completely covered at all times.

Hand Washing

Make hand washing a priority for everyone. A 15 second hand washing with soap and water can reduce bacteria by approximately 90 percent.


Make flip-flops a requirement for taking showers. It will significantly reduce the potential for the spread of germs, especially fungi, that can flourish in damp conditions.

Use Wipes

Disposable wipes are an essential element in gyms. Have staff wipe down high-touch surfaces such as counters and door knobs. Place wipe dispensers throughout the gym and make it clear to users that they should wipe down equipment before and after use. It’s an effective way to mitigate the spread of illnesses and a courtesy to other gym users.

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