How Many Pet Waste Stations does a Neighborhood Need?

Much will depend on how many dogs are in the neighborhood. A rough estimate for a residential district is 1 pet waste station per acre to start. For apartment buildings, the average is one pet waste station for every 50 to 80 units. There’s really no ideal number of pet waste stations as the number of canines in an area is subject to change.

It can be difficult to accurately determine how many dogs are in a specific area. It’s better to start with a smaller number of pet waste stations. It will be easy to ascertain if more are needed. Owners of apartments and government entities acting on behalf of neighborhoods that find themselves frequently emptying their pet waste stations will need to install more.

Placement is just as important as the number of pet waste stations. They need to be conveniently located near entrances to apartments, entrances and exits to dog walk areas, and anywhere grassy areas are located. People can easily grab a pet waste bag from the dispenser on their way out with their canine and deposit it in the receptacle when they return.

Whenever possible, place pet waste stations in a shaded area. It will aid in reducing odors between times when it’s emptied. It will also provide an area out of the sun, encouraging individuals to use it. In the heat and humidity of summer, people are more likely to avail themselves of the facility if it’s located in the shade and it provides a cool space for dogs.

Planning for pet waste disposal is more important than ever before. There are an estimated 89.7 million pet dogs across the nation. That number represents an increase of over 20 million since 2000. It’s essential that dog owners be educated about pet waste stations and their location. Simply leaving feces on the ground can spread disease and parasites, and the feces contaminate the soil and water systems.

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