Gym Surfaces with the Most Germs

Many people assume the bathroom area at a gym contains the highest number of bacteria, viruses and fungi. There are numerous places within the average gym that are far more germ laden. Multiple conditions combine to create a soup of potentially transmissible illnesses ranging from the common cold, flu and COVID to norovirus, RSV and hepatitis.

Many adults have built up an immunity to illnesses, but the immune system can become weaker as people age or compromised due to a variety of health conditions. Parents can easily bring illnesses home to children who may not have built up a defense to a particular illness.

Cardio, Weight Equipment

A study published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine showed that 63 percent of gym equipment was contaminated with rhinovirus. Another study showed that free weights contained 362 times more bacteria than a toilet bowl. Cardio machines encompassing stationary bikes, treadmills and ellipticals, along with weight equipment and weight balls are all sources of potential infection through multiple types of pathogens.

Drinking Fountains

The water spout gets breathed upon and the wet basin provides a breeding ground for pathogens. The handle can also harbor unpleasant microbial contamination.

Gym Bags

While many gym users wash their clothing and gear, they should also be cleaning and disinfecting their gym bags. The bags can pick up unwanted pathogens simply by setting it down on a bench or other contaminated surface.

Showers & Locker Rooms

Both areas are wet, humid and used by dozens to hundreds of people each day. Sweat and the humid conditions are of particular concern for staph infection (MPSA). Showers and locker rooms are also prime locations for strep, athlete’s foot, warts, and ringworm.


Gym towels are regularly cleaned, but they can also pick up germs from contact with infected surfaces.

Yoga Mats

Many people use the yoga mats that gyms provide without a second thought. However, consider that the mats may have absorbed the sweat of previous users.

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