Gym Cleanliness During COVID-19

Cleanliness has always been a priority at gyms, but the COVID-19 pandemic heightened awareness of where facilities needed to improve and how easily bacteria, fungi and viruses can be dispersed. As more cleaning products were required, businesses sought new and more efficient ways of cleaning, along with more economical ways of performing needed sanitizing.

A vaccine is now available for the virus, but that doesn’t mean that gym owners and managers can let down their guard. The virus is still spreading and mutating into more easily disseminated variants. COVID-19 will be active for years to come and the need to provide an elevated level of cleanliness will continue. There are multiple ways to achieve gym cleanliness during COVID-19.

Make a Plan

It’s essential that gym owners create a comprehensive routine and ensure all staff members are aware of the proper protocols. There’s more to successfully disinfecting for COVID-19 than simply wiping equipment down. All surfaces that are frequently touched should be cleaned throughout the day. Use cleaning methods that don’t reinfect areas, such as wiping in one direction rather than back and forth.

Even if a professional cleaning company is hired, there will be measures that should be taken throughout the day as clients come through the gym. It’s a good idea to do a run-through with staff to determine how much time will be needed to properly sanitize between classes.

Protective Measures

Staff members will need to be equipped with gloves and masks, along with an abundance of hand sanitizer. Frequent hand washing is a must. Enlist the assistance of clients by placing sanitizing wipe dispensers in convenient locations and encourage them to wipe down equipment before and after use.

Be sure that clients are aware of protocols that are in place and what they’re expected to do. Place signage in all appropriate locations within the facility, state the rules on the company website, post on social media, and contact clients via email.

Choosing Products

The cleaning products used must have disinfectant properties, not just the ability to clean. Studies have demonstrated that disinfectant wipes are more efficient than using wipe-off sprays and have greater efficacy. They’re also more cost-effective and generate less waste than using paper towels for an eco-friendly solution. Hand sanitizers should have an alcohol content of at least 60 percent.

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