Guide to Adding Pet Waste Stations to Your Neighborhood

There are many reasons why people need to collect their dog’s waste and dispose of it properly. Unfortunately, there are some individuals that mistakenly think that a canine’s waste is part of the natural order. Pet waste stations are an efficient and cost-effective way to keep neighborhoods clean and free of pet waste.

The natural ecosystem can only handle the waste of two dogs per square mile. In highly populated cities, there are an average of 125 dogs per square mile. Studies conducted in the mid-1990s demonstrated that 95 percent of the fecal contamination in urban watersheds came from sources other than humans.

Those studies also showed that up to 70 percent of dog owners didn’t pick up their canine’s waste. While the numbers have improved, there’s still a severe problem with dog waste and installing a pet waste system can help improve soil and water quality, and prevent the spread of disease.


Pet waste stations are available as bag dispensers only and those that dispense bags and have a receptacle for depositing used bags after individuals have cleaned up after their pet. Costs can range widely, depending on the manufacturer. It also depends on if municipalities choose a bag only dispenser or a fully featured combination bag dispenser and waste receptacle. The cost of bag refills is relatively inexpensive.

How Many

There’s no exact formula for determining how many pet waste stations is needed in a specific neighborhood as the number of pet owners, and the number of dogs they own, will vary widely. A good rule of thumb is 1 station per acre to start. For apartments, pet friendly hotels and similar businesses the average is 1 station per 50 to 80 units but will depend on each unique environment.


There are a number of prime locations for dog waste stations. They include dog parks, places where people regularly walk their dogs and grassy areas. Be sure to place them in shaded areas. It will aid in reducing potential odors and give canines a spot to rest as their humans take care of disposal.

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