Germs in Your Gym: How to Stay Clean

By their very nature, gyms are a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and fungi. If you’re like most gym owners, you take care to wipe down equipment before and after use, offer clients wipe stations so they can contribute to the process, and clean surfaces throughout the day that are frequently touched. Multiple surveys on cleanliness have been conducted over the years by sources ranging from health and fitness magazines to professional organizations. There are two major areas in which gym users are most likely to spread germs. Over 50 percent of men and women don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom, yet continue to use equipment. The second problem arises from a refusal of individuals to wipe down equipment before and after use. If the COVID-19 pandemic taught most people nothing else, it’s how easily germs can be transmitted from person to person. Every individual that goes to your gym has the right to attend to their physical fitness and health needs without worrying about getting sick, taking time off work, and losing income.

Know the Rules

Make sure you have signage placed in all appropriate places letting users know what’s expected of them when they use your gym. It’s essential that you spell out safety rules, measures and expectations for using the gym in membership agreements. Don’t be reticent about enforcing rules. It’s your gym and your reputation rests on operating a facility in which people have confidence. In addition to your regular cleaning routines and requiring individuals to wipe down machines before and after use, the following are preventative measures that you can take to help ensure cleanliness.

  • Require all wounds to be covered to reduce the instance of staph infections
  • Wear shoes when walking across the gym floor to minimize the potential for the spread of fungi such as athlete’s foot, ringworm and jock itch, along with viral infections such as plantar warts
  • Don’t be afraid to intervene if a client is coughing, sneezing or not using accepted methods for reducing the spread of germs
  • Use cleaning products and disposable wipes for users that are effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses

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