Flea Season in Florida

Pet parents in Florida don’t get a break from flea season due to the state’s subtropical climate. Fleas in Florida breed and multiple year-round. They’re at their most active during hot and humid summer months, but fleas have no off-season in Florida.

Fleas can also carry disease. They can carry and transmit the bacteria Yersinia pestis that was responsible for the spread of bubonic plague – also known as the Black Death – in 1346. There are still cases of bubonic plague reported in the U.S. each year. Fortunately, there are antibiotics that can treat it, but individuals are typically hospitalized and even placed in isolation.

The insects can also carry parasites that affect people and pets, such as tapeworms. Female fleas can lay up to 50 eggs per day and they feed on blood. When they feed on a dog or cat, it causes intense itching and scratching that can lead to skin rashes and infections. Some pets have an allergy to the bite of a flea. Fleas will also feed on humans.

The grief they cause pets is bad enough, but if a pet has fleas, the insects will also end up on furniture and in carpeting. Fleas move around by jumping and can leap up to 8 inches vertically – the equivalent of 150 times their own height.

Even pets that are regularly treated with flea medications can bring them into the home. The majority of flea medications kill fleas if they get on a pet, but they don’t repel fleas. Even indoor pets can get fleas from rodents that find their way into the house, or from fleas that have landed on human household members.

Fighting a flea infestation is time-consuming, frustrating, and can be expensive. Monthly preventative medications for pets are the best solution and regular vacuuming is important. If an infestation in the home occurs, an exterminator can deal with the problem.

All humans and pets will need to evacuate the premises during treatment and for several hours afterward. The home will need to be thoroughly aired out before pets can return. The chemicals used can make pets extremely sick and can even cause death.

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