Evidence Shows Pet Waste Stations Keep Communities Cleaner

South Florida is one of the areas of the country that have enacted laws and ordinances prohibiting people from leaving their dog’s feces where they’re dropped. Lawmakers understand that pet waste pollutes soil, waterways and has the potential to spread disease and parasites to people and other pets.

Approximately 60 percent of dog owners pick up their dog’s feces. The remaining 40 percent fail to comply with laws and it’s led to a problem of epic proportions. The good news is that evidence shows that pet waste stations are an effective way to curb the canine feces problem, encourages owners to be more responsible, and keeps communities cleaner for everyone.

Dog feces are not fertilizer, take weeks to decompose, and are powerful contaminants. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists pet waste in the same category as dangerous herbicides and insecticides. Pet feces can be as toxic as chemicals from motor vehicles and acid drainage from abandoned mines.

Even though picking up dog poop has been proven to create cleaner environments, many dog owners still resist. When caught in the act, owners say they forgot a bag or that it’s unpleasant carrying their dog’s feces to a trash receptacle. Still others claim it’s difficult to clean up loose stools.

It’s true that when dogs have loose stools it’s more of a problem to pick them up, even when people have a bag with them. Two things that can help is to use compressed air to “freeze” it or sprinkle cat litter on dog feces to make them easier to remove. For those that find picking up pet feces distasteful, try a pooper scooper.

Evidence supports that using pet waste stations are effective in creating a cleaner and healthier community. The devices can be installed in any location and waste stations that include a bag dispenser removes the excuse that the dog owner forgot a bag.

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