Dog Waste Stations – Your Complete Pet Waste Removal

Dogs top the list of most popular pet whether people live in the city or a more rural location. However, canines produce a considerable amount of waste each year and cities continue to seek solutions to remedy the problem of feces left on the ground. That solution is available with the pet waste stations offered by Crown Products Online.

Efficient and Cost Effective

Dealing with pet waste is a multi-faceted problem. It requires an efficient and cost-effective solution for cities that’s also convenient for pet parents and those charged with disposing of the waste. That’s were Crown Products Online excels.

An All-in-One-Solution

The company’s pet waste stations are designed to be durable, long lasting, cost effective, and convenient. The units combine a bag dispenser with a receptacle for depositing waste. The stations are hygienic and aids cities in addressing the increasing problem of pet waste.

There are multiple models from which to choose for public usage outdoors to meet a variety of requirements. The company also has an Indoor Pet Waste Sanitation Station for cleaning up urine and solid waste accidents. Sleek and stylish, it provides a hygienic and odor-free solution for puppies to senior canines.

A Serious Biohazard

Establishing pet waste stations in cities isn’t just a matter of aesthetics. It’s a public health issue. Unfortunately, not everyone vaccinates their canine. Dog feces can be a vector for a wide variety of disease and parasites that can be transmitted to people, pets and wildlife. Dog waste get into waterways where it adversely affects the environment in unpleasant and dangerous ways. Dog waste has been linked to algae blooms.

A Critical Addition

The pet waste stations by Crown Products Online are an essential element anywhere dogs are present. The stations are easy to install, supports cleanliness, and is an all-in-one solution for cities and pet parents.

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