Dog Poop Stations for Home and Office

Crown Products Online has been creating innovative solutions and promoting clean prodcts for dog waste problems since 2001. The company’s pet waste stations are used around the world, with models available for home and public use.

Indoor Pet Sanitation Station

This is the perfect solution for homes when accidents occur, whether it’s a new puppy or senior canine. It’s equally appropriate if a dog can’t “hold it” until you arrive home or make it outdoors in time. The sanitation station provides a complete solution for feces and urination cleanup. The galvanized, powder coated steel unit features a sleek design that’s complimentary for many rooms. The free-standing sanitation station contains bags for cleanup and a receptacle for an all-in-one solution.

Regal Pet Waste Station

The pet waste station offers efficacy at a reasonable price. Made for outdoor use, it contains bags and a receptacle. It’s constructed of powder-coated steel that won’t rust and

has a locking top. It utilizes single pull bags, holds 600 to reduce refill intervals and the receptacle holds 10 gallons of waste, making it ideal for high traffic areas. The waste station contains an integrated sign that reminds dog owners to clean up after their canine. The kit includes everything needed for set up, including mounting hardware.

Monarch Pet Waste Station

The Monarch model is vandal resistant and the kit comes with 800 bags. The combination bag dispenser and receptable is a convenient and cost-effective solution for HOAs, apartment complexes, beaches, dog parks and neighborhoods.

Imperial Pet Waste Station

Crown Products Online also offers the Imperial model receptacle. It holds 10 gallons of waste and the kit comes with 2 rolls of 400 lemon-scented bags. All hardware is included and the station is easy to set up. The galvanized steel design is highly durable and will last for many years.

Encourages Clean Communities

The solutions offered by Crown Products Online means there’s no reason for pet parents to panic if they forget to bring a bag with them. Nor do they have to carry the waste bag home with them. The receptacle offers the most sanitary solution available.

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