Diaper Bag Essentials for on-the-go Moms

Parents are busier than ever and keeping a fully stocked diaper bag is essential for busy lifestyles. There are some basics that every mother should include in her child’s diaper bag to be prepared for any situation.

Diapers and Essentials

Plan on packing about 12 diapers in the bag. Traffic delays, long lines, and even inclement weather can turn a two-hour outing into an exhausting four-hour excursion. Always pack a changing pad since no one can predict the environments in which they’ll find themselves.

Along with diapers, don’t forget baby wipes – they’re handy for multiple uses. Be sure to replace the package with a new one after just a few uses and always try to leave the house with a full package. Diaper disposal bags are a critical element for any diaper bag.

Change of Clothes

Babies are messy. They can have a diaper blowout or cover themselves – and you – with spit up making a clothing change essential. Bodysuits are an excellent choice as they take up little room in a diaper bag and are an easy on-and-off solution. Change the garment out to accommodate changes in seasons and a resealable bag to place soiled garments in will eliminate odors.

Feeding and Formulas

For mothers that are using formula, there are formula dispensers filled with powder that can be made as needed. Always keep enough bottles and water in the diaper bag for at least two feedings. For nursing mothers, little is needed beyond breast pads, but many mothers have found it beneficial to carry lactation cookies or bars for themselves.

Older children have different needs. Non-leak sippy cups filled with water have become an essential item. Depending upon the child’s age, feeding utensils will be in order and technology has provided a variety of preserved foods that require no refrigeration and can be dispensed directly onto a spoon for safety and hygiene. Resealable plastic bags or a travel bowel will keep items together and within quick reach.

Always keep a bag or small box of a child’s favorite snacks on hand. There are containers available that will keep fruit fresh, along with containers that enable children to reach their hands in for snacks while preventing spills.

Odds and Ends

Many items such as a pacifier, toy and teething aids are also essential items, depending upon the age of the child. Always carry at least one smaller baby blanket – it’s handy for a variety of uses.

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