Can you be Fined for Failing to Scoop Dog Poop?

Most dog owners are responsible and respect the rights of others to not have to traverse a trail of dog feces on their morning walk. However, the inconsideration of some has led to many communities and cities to erect signage and institute fines for violators. The amount of those fines will vary depending on where you live.

Aside from being messy and smelly, failure to clean up after your dog has serious health consequences. Dog feces are a major cause of bacterial infections such as E.coli. The excrement contaminates soil and gets swept into waterways after a rain. It also has the potential to spread parasites to other animals and is especially hazardous for children.

Dog ownership has increased and almost every city has a public health law or ordinance in place that prohibits you from simply walking away from your dog’s bowel movement. Those ordinances typically come with fines as an added incentive for you to clean up after your dog.

New York City led the way with Pooper Scooper Laws and fines of $250. Other cities followed. Seattle, Washington went a step further, with ordinances that requires you to keep your own property free of feces and clean up deposits every 24 hours. San Francisco has fines in excess of $300, Chicago can fine you up to $500, and Washington, D.C. can charge you up to $2,000.

People use a lot of excuses for not cleaning up after their pets ranging from “I forgot a bag” and “Nobody will step in it over there” to “It’ll decompose in time.” In an effort to eliminate excuses, provide a solution and help clean up their communities, many cities have installed waste stations that dispense bags for clean-up and a receptacle for disposing of the bags.

Pooper Scooper laws are real, being instituted in an increasing number of cities, and they can come with stiff financial penalties. Depending on where you live, police, the Health Department, Animal Control, and even Sanitation or Parks and Recreation officials can issue tickets.

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