Bulk Disinfectant Wipes for Cleaning Gym Equipment

Seasonal flu viruses have always required an elevated level of disinfecting and the COVID-19 pandemic brought that requirement into sharper focus. Gyms are now disinfecting on an even larger scale, making disinfectant wipes available to patrons, and encouraging them to disinfect before and after the use of equipment.

Purchasing in bulk makes good fiscal sense and installing disinfectant wipe stations throughout a gym or fitness center has added benefits. It mitigates cross-contamination of bacteria, viruses, and fungi from multiple types of equipment.

Research published in the American Journal of Infection Control showed that disinfectant wipes provide better results than spray-based disinfecting solutions. Additionally, much of today’s exercise equipment has digital and electronic components that are damaged when moisture from sprays enter control panels and screens.

Disinfectant wipes are an excellent way to clean surfaces that are frequently touched, such as counters and door handles. They can also be made available to patrons for wiping down their personal items. The wipes are made for a single-use before being thrown away and is a more sanitary solution than traditional methods of spraying and wiping with a cloth.

One of the benefits of disinfectant wipes is that they can also be used on hands when running to the bathroom isn’t practical or hand sanitizer isn’t available. Wipes are also a better alternative for individuals that may have respiratory problems or depressed immune systems. It’s important to remember that any gym or fitness center patron may have underlying health-related issues.

Disinfectant wipes are pre-moistened with the correct formula and amount of antimicrobial solution for better overall coverage of the items to be cleaned. When using spray cleaners, much of the solution is dispersed/wasted and doesn’t actually land on or make contact with the surface to be disinfected.

The cleaning solution on wipes has been carefully measured, tested and researched to provide the best possible results straight out of the container. There are no chemicals that must be stored or mixed within the facility. Wipes are a convenient and effective way to keep gyms and fitness centers disinfected year-round.

At Crown Products, we create high-quality, focused products that, in essence, improve the quality of life for everyone who uses your facilities and public spaces. Visitors benefit from a cleaner space and resources to keep it clean, staff can focus on important maintenance rather than cleaning up litter and waste, and you can enjoy a pristine and appreciated space!

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