8 Biggest Complaints at the Gym

A visit to the gym is beneficial for physical health and can contribute to mental well-being. Most gym-goers are considerate and respectful, but there are always some whose behavior ranges from merely annoying or really rude to socially unacceptable. There’s little to be done if the gym owner refuses to enforce any applicable rules. The following are the 8 most common complaints at the gym, in no particular order.

Sweat Spreader

Most gyms and fitness centers now require individuals to wipe down equipment after they’re done using it, even if they didn’t have one prior to the pandemic. The sweat spreader just walks away leaving their sweat behind, along with bacteria, viral and fungal contaminants. It’s unappealing at the least and has the potential to spread disease at the worst.

Equipment Hog

Time means nothing to some people. Equipment hogs will continue to use equipment past posted deadlines and they may or may not be aware that others are waiting for their turn.


There are some people that go to the gym primarily to socialize and working out is a secondary concern. They’ll strike up a conversation with anyone. The best way to handle this personality is for individuals to wear a pair of earbuds and pretend they can’t hear them.

Cell Phone User

Related to The Talker is the individual that incessantly talks on their cell phone, often loudly. Many gyms and fitness centers are phone-free zones, but these individuals use their time to catch up on social connections while exercising.

Grunting and Groaning

There’s always an individual that constantly grunts, groans and makes other noises while working out. The sounds may be loud enough to be heard on the other end of the building.

Odor Overload

These are the individuals that assail and overwhelm gym-goers with odors. They either smell like they haven’t showered in a week or like they’re trying to compensate through the use of perfume or aftershave. The best solution is to just walk away.

Personal Adviser

There are some people that believe they’re experts, even to the point of contradicting a personal trainer’s plan. The best way to handle the situation is for individuals to politely decline the advice and indicate they’re going to follow their trainer’s plan.

The Dater

Perhaps one of the most annoying individuals are men and women that troll gyms and fitness centers looking for potential dates. It’s rude, obnoxious, and socially unacceptable. Individuals must make it clear to these people that they’re not interested.

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