5 Ways to Help Keep Your Fitness Center Germ Free

Millions of people across the nation visit a fitness center every day to stay fit and you don’t want your establishment to be a vector for spreading disease. There are a number of measures that can be taken to maintain an elevated level of cleanliness during ordinary circumstances and even during a pandemic.

Gym Wipes

Bacteria, fungi and viruses are easily transmitted through touch. Machines and equipment should be wiped down after every use with wipes or a spray formula designed to sanitize and disinfect. That includes everything from balls, weights, and yoga mats to treadmills, door handles, and handrails in common areas.

Keep a supply of wet wipes available so individuals can wipe down equipment themselves. Don’t forget sanitizing of reception areas, counters and similar surfaces. All sanitizing efforts will need to be consistently applied multiple times throughout the day.

Hand Cleaning

Keeping hands clean is important for cleanliness. All individuals should wash their hands before their workout and before touching equipment. They also need to wash their hands when changing to another piece of equipment. Hand sanitizer is an essential addition to the environment. Some people prefer to use hand sanitizer exclusively so keep an ample supply on hand.


Instituting a mask policy is a common sense way to help minimize the spread of multiple types of disease, particularly bacteria and viruses that can be aerosolized and suspended in the air for extensive periods of time.


You can operate your fitness center safely, even during a pandemic, but it will require some changes. Encourage social distancing whenever possible. You may even need to limit the number of clients that can occupy the center at the same time or rearrange equipment.

Stay Home

Clients should know they need to stay home if they’re feeling ill. Even though it can be time-consuming and inconvenient, employing temperature checks at the door will aid in preventing entry to those that may be ill. It’s not a foolproof method, but it will definitely help. You don’t want your fitness center to be at the center of a super spreader incident.

Year-Round Safety

Disinfecting and sanitizing the environment are critical for minimizing the potential for infection from a myriad of communicable conditions ranging from COVID-19 and the flu to the common cold. You’ll be providing a safe and sanitary environment that clients will appreciate.

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