Should You Wipe Down Gym Yoga Mats to Avoid Germs?

A majority of gyms have a rule for their members to wipe down all equipment after use. Yet, there are tons of members that forego the wiping down of equipment daily. There are no rules about wiping down the communal yoga mats at the gym. It’s even possible the mats never get wiped down at all. So, can you imagine how much germs fester on these mats particularly used in sweaty group exercise classes?

So, Should You Wipe Down Your Gym Yoga Mat?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes too. But, it requires a bit more explanation as to why gym yoga mats should be wiped down. Think about the yoga, pilates, or mat-based group exercise class that got your heart pumping and sweating profusely. All that sweat became part of the mat, and as a communal gym mat, this has occurred several times in one day. There are some gyms that wipe down their gym mats every day or night. But, if you use the mat after another class there’s a high chance it hasn’t been wiped down and you’re getting all the germs and bacteria left by the previous user.

Bacteria Riddled Yoga Mats

When you walk into a group exercise class it’s obvious that a yoga mat needs to be wiped down if there was a puddle of sweat on it. However, if the yoga mat looks dry and barely used people skip the wipe down thinking it’s not necessary. But, it’s extremely necessary as germs and bacteria linger far longer than a couple group exercise classes. There are many types of bacteria festering in these communal yoga mats that most people don’t know about.

Dr. Greuner, a US surgeon, stated in his blog post:

“Making skin contact with a dirty yoga mat covered in germs and bacteria can lead to skin infections, acne, toenail fungus and even transfer of the herpes virus and staph and strep infections in susceptible individuals.”

Although the actual chance of catching herpes or a serious infection from a yoga mat is extremely rare there is always a small possibility it can happen. So, wipe down those communal yoga mats with gym wipes every time or invest in your own personal yoga mat.

Bring Your Own Mat

In order to completely avoid germs and bacteria, invest in your own yoga mat. Bringing along your own mat is the only way to be sure that the only bacteria you come in contact with is your own. However, even your own personal yoga mat needs to be wiped down and cleaned. Your own bacteria causes problems by reintroducing dirt and other things left behind from your workout. This results in breakouts and skin irritation if your yoga mat isn’t cleaned properly. Make it a rule for yourself to wipe down any yoga mat you use before and after a workout. Because sometimes it’s not easy to bring your own yoga mat and you have no choice but to use the communal yoga mat.

The best way to keep all yoga mats clean, personal or communal, is to have gym wipes on hand. Here at Crown Products, we have the best gym wipes to kill all bacteria and keep things smelling fresh.

Sweaty Clothing

Gym clothes are a great source of protection from germs and bacteria at a gym. While these clothes are protecting your body from germs they’re also collecting germs too. This is why it’s important to wash gym clothes after every use. Sometimes people don’t sweat too much while they’re at the gym and think it’s okay to reuse clothes for gym session another day. Even if there’s no sweating the gym clothes still collected bacteria from wherever you were in the gym. Unless you want to be working out in bacteria from others and yourself in your next gym session it’s best to put clothes in the wash.

In addition, gym clothes don’t cover every part of your body. Thus, every part of your body that is uncovered is coming into contact with all bacteria and germs at the gym. This is especially true for hands that touch and use equipment, yoga mats, door handles, and more while at the gym. Showering after a gym session is a good way to stay germ-free and get rid of any unwanted bacteria.