Why Use Dog Waste Pick Up Tools

From plastic bags to vacuums, dog owners are utilizing methods that don’t bring them into direct contact with their canine’s wastes. Those that pick up after their dog are to be commended. They’re helping to mitigate the spread of disease, illness, parasites, and helping to protect the environment. The following are some of the methods that people are using to pick up their canine’s feces.

Dog Waste Bags

Dog waste bags are the easiest way to take care of a dog’s feces. The bags can easily be tucked in a pocket where they’re always ready. An increasing number of communities and individual businesses are providing pet waste units that combine a bag dispenser and receptacle for disposing of the waste hygienically.

Daily Newspaper

Newspaper is another method for picking up dog feces, even though technically it’s not a tool in the traditional sense. Many individuals are turning to the daily newspaper simply because it’s expedient and in abundant supply. It also decomposes naturally, which is friendly to the environment.


Generically known as pooper scoopers, they consist of a shovel like device attached to a handle. A mini rake is used to scrape feces onto the holder until they can be disposed of, which is usually the closest trash bin. The advantage is that individuals don’t have to experience the “squishy” sensation associate with dog feces, but they aren’t of much help if the dog’s stools are loose. They do have to be cleaned and can be rinsed off with a hose.

Along those same lines is a one-piece scooper tube in which the specially designed end scoops the feces up, then individuals simply raise the entire device vertically. Dog waste slides down the tube where it’s deposited into an attached bag at the other end.

Pet Vacuum

The specially designed vacuum is lightweight and the concept is simple. The device sucks dog feces up just like a regular vacuum. It saves time and leaves any area free of waste and mess.

Indoor Bathroom Mat

A new trend in dog care is the indoor bathroom mat. It’s a method that’s become increasingly popular for city dwellers and those with smaller dogs. It consists of a tray to catch urine and it’s topped by a pad that’s designed to imitate grass when the dog has to relieve themselves of solid matter.

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