Why Pets Waste Stations are Important

Dogs provide unconditional love and companionship to people of all ages. In South Florida, 24.2 percent of all households have a dog. To put those numbers in perspective, there’s an estimated 507,500 households with at least 1 canine, just in Miami. Surveys indicate that more people would have a dog, but apartment and condo restrictions prevent it.

Waste Problems

Those dogs generate a considerable amount of waste each year – approximately 276 lbs. per year for each dog. That waste must be disposed of in an appropriate manner for public safety. However, keeping cities and neighborhoods free of dog waste is becoming an increasingly difficult endeavor for towns and cities of all sizes.


Most municipalities have ordinances or laws requiring individuals to clean up after their pet. Pet waste stations provide an easy way for individuals to comply with those rules. They also present a constant reminder for those that would flout the law.

Bio-Hazard Clean Up

Pet waste is a bio-hazard, environmental danger, and public health threat. Pet waste stations are an effective method of keeping areas clean and containing that threat. Pet waste is not fertilizer as some mistakenly believe. It kills grass and plants. Every dog isn’t vaccinated and pet feces can contain bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites that can be spread to people, pets and wildlife.

Solid waste can take months to decompose, depending on climate conditions. It contaminates soil, is washed into waterways when it rains, and contributes to deadly algae blooms. Particles of dog waste also makes its way into homes.

Sanitary Solution

Pet waste stations are a sanitary, convenient and affordable way to protect the public health, other pets, wildlife, and the environment. They’re an integral part of a pet waste management system that can be employed in any environment. The receptacles are equally beneficial in dog parks, trails, recreational facilities, apartment and condo complexes, hotels and motels, along with a variety of businesses.


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