What is a Dog Poop Composter?

Many individuals and city officials are seeking ways to make the tons of dog waste deposited every year useful rather than detrimental to the environment. To that end, dog waste composters have been developed that can be buried in the soil to feed lawns. Never use a dog waste composter in vegetable gardens, near fruit trees, or in regular compost piles.

To use a pet waste composter, individuals will need to dig a hole and place the composter into the ground. The composter is equipped with holes that allow nutrients to seep back into the soil as they become liquified. Since the devices set below ground level, there’s no odors with which to contend.

The devices utilize non-toxic enzymes and water to break down the feces. The composters are typically made of plastic and allow individuals to add daily dog waste as needed. Its best to select a spot for a pet waste composter that’s out of the way or in an area where the soil needs amending.

Pet waste composters can be used to feed trees, bushes, shrubs and lawns. They’re appropriate for use with all types of soils except clay. They’re available in multiple sizes to accommodate the number of pets in the home.

There are a variety of benefits associated with using a pet waste composter. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that dogs in the U.S. produce an estimated 10 million tons of waste every year that’s deposited in landfills.

Composters are an eco-friendly solution for dealing with pet waste that keeps it out of landfills. Dog waste that’s allowed to remain on the ground contaminates the soil and nearby waterways through the actions of even small rainstorms, where it contributes to algae blooms. Properly composted dog waste contributes to the enrichment of soil.

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