Top 5 Signs Your Neighborhood is Pet Friendly

If you’re a dog parent, you definitely want to live in a neighborhood where you and your canine feel comfortable and welcome. There are multiple ways in which a community can contribute to that. The following are the top 5 signs that your neighborhood is pet friendly.

Abundant Canines

If you see numerous dogs out and about in your neighborhood, there’s a good chance that the area is friendly to your four-legged friend. Locations that foster relationships between dogs and their human companions is a sign that it’s a safe and happy environment for canines.

Pet Park

A pet park in a neighborhood wouldn’t exist unless there was a significant number of dog owners. However, just because there’s a plot of open ground where dogs can run, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s pet friendly. A pet park should be clean, contain a source of fresh water and plenty of shade trees. Ideally, there should also be toys for them to play on and a separate area for puppies. The dogs using it should appear happy and relaxed. It’s also important to observe the people. Individuals that are watching their dogs, appear happy, and are chatting with others is an indication of the type of people and dogs in the neighborhood.

Pet Treats & Water

Many shops and businesses keep a jar of dog treats at the cash register to share with customers’ furry companions. Others keep a bowl filled with water outside their doors to refresh canines. It’s an especially kind thing for shopkeepers to do, especially in Florida’s hot and humid climate.

Nearby Services

From animal shelters and veterinarians to groomers, pet spas, and doggy daycare centers, there are numerous services that canines require and the availability and accessibility of those services is a good sign that there’s a significant number of dogs within the area.

Pet Waste Disposal

An area with dogs should have pet waste disposal facilities in dog parks and scattered throughout the neighborhood. There are two types. One is a receptacle only where people can dispose of their dog’s feces. The second is a collection receptacle and also offers a bag dispenser to help keep neighborhoods clean and hygienic.

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