Top 5 Most Popular Workouts At the Gym

While there are an infinite amount of different exercises you could knock out every time you go to the gym, only a handful of “staples” are practiced by pretty much every single person that wants to build a healthier, fitter body that won’t look bad when beach season rolls around.

The top 5 most popular workouts at the gym today are game changers that will hit the majority of your core muscle groups, help you build muscle mass while melting fat wherever it is hiding in your body, and will also trigger a massive release of endorphins and other healthy biochemicals that will have you looking and feeling like a brand-new person in no time at all.

Best of all, these workouts aren’t going to require you to learn how to lift using specific pieces of equipment or crazy amounts of weights at the gym, either. In fact, all of these exercises could be knocked out at literally ANY gym or fitness center on the planet. They travel well!

We of course are talking about these five workouts:

  • Burpees
  • Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Box Jumps

If the ONLY exercises you ever did every single time you went to the gym consisted of these five foundational movements, you’d be able to build the body of your dreams faster than you ever thought possible while noticing dramatic increases in strength, endurance, and your athletic capabilities.

So the next time that you decide to hit the gym simplify things considerably. Go in with a goal to crush these five exercises and these five exercises only, putting your body through the paces, and noticing just how much of an impact this pared down program can have. Just remember to clean the gym equipment for the next person.

The odds are pretty good you won’t regret this decision!