The Top Reasons To Always Clean Up After Your Pet

Have you ever walked into a local community area like a park, only to find that the grass or sidewalk is covered in dog waste? It can be frustrating living in a community where people don’t pick up after themselves, and worse yet, it can be harmful to our health. Here at Crown Products, we offer pet waste disposal products including dog waste bags in bulk and pet waste bag dispensers. Read on to learn about the importance of cleaning up after your pet or give us a call today to learn more about our products.

It’s Just Gross

Plain and simple, most people would agree that leaving pet waste on the ground is gross. Not only does it smell really bad, but it can get all over the place and can be tracked into your home or other buildings in the area. Once it makes its way onto a carpet, it’s going to be very difficult to remove. Parks are meant to be a place that people can enjoy without having to worry about sitting or laying down in dog waste or stepping in it as they walk down the sidewalk.

It’s Not Sanitary

Another reason to always clean up after pets in public areas is because it creates a safer and healthier community. Air pollution is the cause of many serious health conditions around the world and you can be sure that your pet’s waste is not helping this cause at all. With pet waste also comes pests like flies and bacteria that could lead to sickness.

It Separates Communities

Let’s face it, leaving pet waste around is not healthy for the community as a whole. Believe it or not, people have actually left their communities because of things like this because it shows a general disrespect for others safety and comfort. If you live in a pretty close-knit community, this could be pretty devastating for your reputation in the community. And there’s really nothing worse than living in a community full of people who can’t get along with each other.

It may be illegal

Believe it or not, in many parts of the country, especially in metropolitan areas, it’s actually illegal to not pick up after your dog or any other pet for that matter. Although you can research your local laws, it’s best to just assume that it’s illegal and have a plan for picking it up.

It’s against HOA guidelines

If it’s not illegal to leave dog waste on the ground instead of picking it up, you can just about guarantee it’s against your HOA community rules. HOA management is usually very picky about just about everything concerning the changes you make to your home and anything you do within the community because everything you do has an impact on other homeowners. If you’re leaving dog waste all over, people are most likely going to find somewhere else to live.

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Crown Products specializes in pet waste products such as pet waste bags, pet waste bag dispensers, pet waste bag stations, as well as diaper disposal bags, diaper disposal bag dispensers, and much more. If you’re struggling to keep your HOA community clean and free of pet waste, our products are right for you. Not only do they promote a clean and healthy community, but they make it much easier and convenient for people in the community to access pet waste bags no matter where they’re located. Give us a call today if you have any questions about our products.