Properly Disposing of Dirty Diapers

Dirty diapers are a fact of life, even in public. With a majority of the population utilizing disposable diapers, one of the continuing debates is how to properly dispose of a dirty diaper so it’s not offensive to others. Simply folding disposable diapers around themselves and throwing them in the trash can be a public health hazard.

Diaper Disposal Bag Dispenser

The easiest solution for businesses and public bathrooms, and one that will get high marks from others, is a diaper disposal bag dispenser. The bags provide an easy way to dispose of smelly, dirty diapers and they’re leakproof to hold in odors. They’re equally beneficial for those that prefer cloth diapers while transporting them back home for cleaning.

Dump the Contents

Even if individuals are using disposable diapers, solid waste from a diaper should always be dumped into a toilet and flushed. Landfills were never designed to be a repository for fecal matter.

Wrap it Up

Disposable diapers should be rolled in on themselves and secured into a bundle with the tabs before disposal.

Bag It

A resealable gallon-size bag is an excellent enclosure for corralling odors and mess. It’s a good idea to carry a couple of the bags in the diaper bag or in a purse. Soiled diapers can be placed inside for disposal. A resealable bag is ideal, but even a plastic grocery bag will work. Be sure to tie the top together.

Individuals can also purchase environmentally-friendly diaper disposal bags that are biodegradable. If the disposable bags for diapers aren’t locally available, don’t overlook doggie poop bags. They’re leakproof and are equally appropriate for disposing of soiled diapers.

For a dirty diaper during air travel, grab an air sickness bag. Toss the diaper yourself, since flight attendants aren’t allowed to do so. Individuals can dispose of the diaper in the plane’s bathroom trash or a public trash receptacle after exiting. Always be sure to wash hands after handling a soiled diaper.

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