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Poopy Doo Doggy Poo Pet Waste Dispenser Combo – Bag Dispenser & Bags

So much Poo, what to Doo! This economical bag dispenser combo helps pet owners keep Doggy Poo Bags conveniently located. Dispenser may be mounted inside or outside…anywhere pet owners leave to walk their dogs. Bags are perforated and easy to dispose. Bags are specifically designed for pet waste and will not leak. Each kit includes 1 plastic clamshell dispenser , mounting hardware and 1 roll of 100 bags. Master carton contains six (6) Combo units. For bag refills, order item RPD-Doggy Bags

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For indoor and outdoor use alike, the Poopy Doo Doggy Poo Pet Waste Dispenser Combo is the perfect pet waste bag dispenser. Whether you’d like it mounted inside for easy access to bags when people leave to take their pets out for a walk, or you’d like to mount it publicly outside so the neighborhood can always have pet waste bags nearby, this dispenser and bag combo will do the trick! 

Easy to mount and even easier to use, this pet waste bag dispenser also utilizes the best pet waste bags available. Our Poopy Doo Doggy Poo pet waste bags are both leak and smell proof to ensure easy cleanup, every time. 


  • 1 Plastic Clamshell Diaper Bag Dispenser
  • Mounting Hardware
  • 1 100-Bag Roll Of Diaper Bags
  • Refill Bags Are Our RPD Doggy Bags

Master cartons come with six combo units.


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