Pet Fur Problems and how to Remove It

Pets give people unconditional love and they also leave unintentional reminders in the form of pet hair. No matter how well-groomed dogs and cats are, there’s still going to be loose hairs that deposit on clothing, furniture and drapes, along with locations that most individuals never think about. There are a number of solutions for removing pet hair that are quick, easy and efficient.

Pet hair sticks to fabric partly due to the structure of the individual pet hair. Strands are designed to keep animals warm in winter and cool in summer through shedding. Low humidity levels and static electricity amplifies the problem and hand-held steamers can help loosen fabric so hair can be removed.

Sticky Rollers

An image of our Roll ‘N Klean adhesive roller kitJust about every person with a pet knows about the rolls of adhesive strips on a handle, also known colloquially as lint rollers. They’re also effective for removing fur from drapes and furniture. However, heat and AC units blow pet hair around and it can adhere to surfaces that can’t be reached, even while standing on a stool. The good news is that there are adhesive rollers such as the Roll ‘N Klean Stick that comes with a long handle to reach high up and out-of-the-way areas where pet hair can collect. They’re available in multiple widths for small and large areas.


Latex kitchen gloves and disposable varieties can be used to pet a dog or cat and catch loose hairs before they’re shed or remove hairs already stuck to garments.

Dryer Sheets

Modern technology has addressed the pet hair problem and developed dryer sheets that are specially designed with anti-static properties to loosen hair on clothing. During the drying process, the hair is deposited in the lint trap. Some individuals prefer to run their laundry through a 10-minute dryer cycle with a dryer sheet prior to washing.


A myriad of silicone shapes, rubber objects and wool or wooden balls are available that are added to a wash or dry cycle. The idea is that the hair is attracted to the objects and pulls it away from clothing. They’re all reusable.

Home Remedies

People have arrived at a myriad of home remedies for removing pet hair. Some individuals utilize ordinary kitchen sponges to de-fur cloth surfaces, while others insist that adding a ½ cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle will remove hair where it can be spun out.

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