Keeping A Clean Gym

Nobody likes to use a dirty gym! Whether working out on equipment in a gym or at home you’re going to want to keep it sanitary. Plus everyone knows that it’s proper gym etiquette to wipe off the equipment after you’re done using it. Wiping down equipment before you use it can be beneficial to you and others too. You never know if someone forgot to wipe off the equipment before you.

While many people use and bring towels to workout with at the gym the towels are better served for personal use. Towels are better to wipe the sweat from your brow instead of the sweat from a gym seat. Using your towel to wipe off gym equipment can trap dirt within the cloth and bacteria will fester making the towel useless for further use. Gym wipes serve a much better purpose since they’re disposable, and they’re perfect for a one-time use wiping down equipment.

Want the freshest and germ-free gym? Wipe-A-Way gym wipes are your best option when it comes to keeping gym equipment fresh and clean. These wipes go beyond cleaning and deodorizing gym equipment with the addition of a wonderful Rainforest fragrance giving equipment a nice smell. The wipes can be used on all types of equipment and surfaces clearing dirt and sweat from ellipticals, treadmills, benches, armrests, and much more. So, wherever you sweat grab a Wipe-A-Way to keep equipment smelling fresh and looking clean.