How to Properly Dispose of Dog Poop

There are basically two ways to dispose of canine feces. It can be bagged and thrown into the trash or disposed of in a receptacle specifically designed for that purpose.  Never compost it, use it as fertilizer, hose it down storm drains, or flush dog or cat feces down the toilet.

Dog waste is an increasingly serious problem in cities around the world. In South Florida, service dogs provide essential help for veterans and the disabled, security for businesses, but the majority are companions.

Florida cities have laws and ordinances making it a crime to leave dog poop where it’s deposited. Fines can be quite stiff for doing so. The waste poses a health hazard for people, other dogs, cats and wildlife. It’s not suitable for fertilizer, can take an average of 9 weeks to break down, contaminates waterways, and contributes to dangerous algae blooms.

Pet waste can be picked up with a scooper, newspaper or plastic grocery bag. Equally handy are re-closable sandwich type bags. People should put it on their hand wrong side out. Pick up the waste and turn the bag right side out as they remove their hand, before sealing it and throwing it in a trash receptible.

Many neighborhoods have installed pet waste stations specifically designed to collect dog waste. They’re available in styles that provide a receptacle only and those that also dispense bags to pick up the waste. The entire packet is then deposited in the waste station or a convenient trash can if one is available.

In some areas, a reusable in-ground disposal system is allowed using specially designed containers. Typically manufactured of plastic, they’re buried in the ground away from play areas. Dog waste is placed in the top, along water and enzymes that hasten the degradation of the feces. The dog waste is broken down into a liquid that feeds the lawn. Be sure to check with local authorities to determine if an in-ground system is allowed.

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