How to Freshen Up After a Workout Without a Shower

So, you just finished a hardcore, sweat-inducing workout. But, you need to get to work or somewhere important ASAP. Sometimes the only time people have to workout is before work or during lunch, which doesn’t always leave a lot of time to shower afterward. Plenty of people skip the shower after a workout but it can leave you feeling gross or smelly. You don’t want to be the one smelly person when you’re at the office or an event. That’s why we have these tips to help you freshen up after a workout without taking a shower.

Clean Clothes

Before heading to workout, double check that your gym bag has a clean pair of clothes. This is essential for feeling fresh after a workout. There is nothing worse than damp, sweaty clothing sticking to you for the rest of your workday. Plus, sweaty clothes cause bacteria to clog pores and may even cause a breakout. On top of that sweaty clothes tend to carry a not so pleasant smell with them. Treat your body right, and coworkers, by changing into fresh, clean clothes after your workout. Don’t forget to pack a change of socks and underwear to feel extra fresh.

Take Time to Cool Off

It’s always a good idea to take a few minutes to cool off after your workout. Allowing yourself to cool off is good for your heart, body, and overall appearance. Some people manage to look great throughout their workout, but a larger majority get sweaty and flushed faces. Stop for a moment and stand in the cool air, letting your body get back down to a normal temperature. If you’re having trouble cooling off, run cold water over your wrists to lower your body temperature and stop the sweating. Now if your face is still too red after cooling off, place a cool water bottle or ice against the neck will help your face go back to its normal color. Also, let yourself cool off before changing into your clean clothes. You wouldn’t want to put clean clothes on right away and soak them with sweat.

Hydrate (Before, During, and After Workout)

A good rule in life is to always stay hydrated. This is especially true during a workout so you don’t become faint and dehydrated. In order to get the best out of your workout, you will want to be well hydrated before the workout as well as throughout. By staying hydrated before, throughout, and after your workout cooling off and staying fresh will be a lot easier. If your stomach feels too full or sloshy you probably drank too much. Monitor your intake of water so you don’t over or under hydrate. The amount of water needed to stay hydrated depends on the individual and their body type. While most gyms have water fountains it’s better to bring your own water bottle because most water fountains are riddled with germs.

Use a Towel & Gym Wipes

In order to minimize the sweat and bacteria that you collect during your workout, you should bring a dry towel and utilize the facilities gym wipe dispensers. Wiping down equipment with gym wipes, before and after use, is essential to lessen the spread of germs and bacteria. The more you wipe down equipment with gym wipes the less dirty you’ll feel after your workout.

Many people wipe their faces with their arms when sweating and this is a huge no-no. Touching your face during a workout causes sweat and bacteria to clog pores and sprout breakouts. That’s why a dry towel is the best item to bring along to wipe away sweat. This dry towel will help keep your face clean and feeling fresher than wiping at it with sweaty arms or hands. An extra dry towel is helpful to have after your workout so you can wipe off and excess sweat before changing into your clean clothes.

Dry Shampoo

The workout you just finished caused you to sweat all over and even made your hair a sweaty mess. This is when dry shampoo saves the day by absorbing sweat and adding volume to your hair. Dry shampoo makes hair look fresh out of the shower sans shower. There are many different types of dry shampoo and the best one to use after a workout is one with a fragrance. A fragrant dry shampoo makes hair look fresh, clean, and smelling good. If you really want to go the extra mile, spritz some dry shampoo on before your workout so your hair will absorb sweat better throughout your workout.

Face Wipes/Wash

Stash facial wipes or wash in your gym bag for a quick boost of moisture after working out. When you don’t have the time for a shower facial wipes are the next best thing. They make people feel fresh and clean after a sweaty exercise, no shower needed. Facial wipes are different from body wipes because they’re not as harsh on your skin. If you want to feel fresh all over your body, invest in baby wipes for an all over clean feeling. Use facial wipes before putting on any makeup because it will make reapplying makeup more sanitary and a lot easier. Work from top to bottom when doing a quick body cleaning. Start with dry shampoo so if any shampoo gets on your face you’ll be able to wipe it off with a facial wipe.


Apply deodorant before and after a workout to keep smelling as fresh as you can. There are some deodorants made to last through an entire workout but it’s a good idea to reapply after a workout just in case. It’s essential to have deodorant on hand to stay fresh without a shower because there’s no stopping BO without deodorant. A small container of deodorant is easy to keep in your purse or gym bag for a quick freshen up. There are even some deodorants that exist with a soapy fragrance that makes it smell like you just stepped out of the shower. Use whatever deodorant that feels right to you, just make sure to put some on so you don’t smell like BO.

Body Spray (Perfume or Cologne)

After doing all these freshening up tips, finish off your clean smell by spritzing some body spray on yourself. A fresh, non-overpowering fragrance is your best bet to cover any sweaty smells without being overkill. Be selective of how much body spray you use so you don’t walk into the office or event engulfing the entire room with your body spray smell. The right fragrance will mask all pungent smells without the scent being overbearing. Some people are not a big fan of body spray. So, use essential oils that essentially serve the same purpose as a body spray. Try a lavender scent to feel fresh and relaxed after your workout.