How Pets Can Help with Anxiety

Pets provide people with unconditional love and they’re important for physical and mental health. More people than ever before are experiencing anxiety that can vary widely in scope and severity. Pets alleviate loneliness, depression and anxiety, along with feelings of loneliness and isolation from multiple sources.

Having a pet to care for allows individuals to focus on the wellbeing of another living being outside of themselves. The human-animal bond is powerful and the benefits of those relationships has been scientifically documented. Dogs and cats are the most common pets, but all pets help lift the weight of anxiety.

Improve Self-Confidence

Dogs, cats and other pets can give individuals the courage and self-confidence to try new things. That may include activities such as taking the pet to the veterinarian or participating in conversations with fellow pet owners. It will depend on the person’s level of anxiety.

Mood Booster

Canines need to be walked. It gets people out of the house and provides exercise for pets and their human companions. The hormones released during exercise improves mood. Interacting with animals is proven to decrease stress and anxiety producing hormones.

Good Listeners

Pets are excellent listeners and they become attuned to the moods of their human companions. They never criticize.

No Judgement

A home with a pet is a judgement free zone. A pet will never judge a person about their decisions – just offer unconditional approval.

Comfort & Acceptance

A loving pet is a great comfort in situations that generate anxiety whether it’s starting a new job or the death of a loved one. A pet accepts that their human will love them, care for them, and do what’s best for them both.

Touch & Affection

A pet satisfies two basic needs that humans have – touch and affection. Playing, hugging and stroking a pet is calming and soothing. Those actions have a positive effect on the mental and physical health of humans.

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