Health Hazards Associated With Pet Waste

Hello, and welcome once again to our blog here at Crown Products, LLC. If you recall from last time, we talked about some of the top reasons you’ll want to clean up after your dog if it does its business in your yard or anywhere in your community. One of the reasons we mentioned is that it’s not sanitary. This is an important enough subject that we decided to make a whole new topic solely about the sanitation issues surrounding dog waste and why you should always pick it up. If you have any questions or you’re interested in our dog poop bags or dog poop bag stations, please give us a call today.

Pet Waste Is Not Fertilizer

Let’s start off here with clarifying one common misconception about dog waste: it’s not fertilizer. Many people are under the impression that if they leave their pet’s waste on the grass, it will somehow help it. In fact, it will do the exact opposite and kill the grass that it lays on. On top of this, if dog waste happens to get mixed in with garden soil, it could spread bacteria and now be very harmful for humans to consume those plants.

It Has Harmful Bacteria

Unsurprisingly, dog poop harbors a whole host of bacteria, most of which are not beneficial. Dog waste contains around 23 million fecal coli. In humans, this bacteria can lead to serious kidney disorders, intestinal illness, diarrhea, and cramps. Puppies can also contract what’s called the Parvo Virus which is commonly spread through fecal matter. Although most older dogs should already be vaccinated, younger puppies are likely not.

It Attracts Rodents and Pests

There’s no doubt about it, pet waste does a great job of attracting rodents and pests that wouldn’t necessarily be around otherwise. As gross as it sounds, rodents like rats feast on animal feces along with bugs like flies and nats. Most people would recommend putting it in a bag and putting it in a closed container to keep the pests out.

It’s Bad For The Environment

Pet waste that’s left on the ground doesn’t simply disintegrate after a couple hours or days. Instead, it tends to break apart and move toward water sources like rivers where it can contaminate the water. Not only can this kill off fish and other marine life but it can make its way back into our own drinking water resulting in serious illness like dysentery and cholera.

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If this isn’t enough to make you at least slightly worried about allowing dog waste to go unchecked in your community, we don’t know what will! Although it may seem more convenient to just leave the waste there and let nature take care of it, this doesn’t usually work out as intended. Most likely, someone will come across it first and it will cause a very bad day for that person. If that’s not enough, know that it can also cause serious illness for you or even your pet if it makes it back into your drinking water.

Luckily, here at Crown Products, LLC., we have the solution: pet waste stations. These stations include a pet waste bag dispenser along with a sign and a trash can to put the waste in when you’re done. Just by placing these on your property or in a housing community, you’ll notice a huge decrease in the amount of animal waste laying around which will improve the health of your community. Have any questions? Give us a call today to learn more.