Good Hygiene Habits to Have at the Gym

Hygiene Habits to Practice at the Gym

Exercising is great for your body and overall health as is good hygiene. Whether you exercise at the gym, school, or a private club there is a chance you’ll be exposed to sweaty clothes and germ-ridden exercise equipment. These items can lead to an increased risk for fungal infections of the skin. This is especially true of those who work out regularly. Below are some great tips to lower your risk of fungal infections when working out.

Wash Your Hands


While many believe washing your hands goes without saying a lot of people skip this at the gym. It is best to wash your hands before and after a workout. To do this properly you must lather up using soap and rub both hands together for at least 20 seconds. Don’t forget to rinse well and dry your hands off too. When you don’t have access to soap and water it’s best to use an alcohol-based sanitizer. Apply a small drop of sanitizer and rub it all over your fingers and hands until they’re completely dry.

Sanitize Gym Equipment


Gym equipment can be a breeding ground for germs. Therefore, it’s good practice to wipe down gym equipment before and after a workout. Wipes are the best choice for sanitizing equipment because dry towels only transfer and move around germs. Wipe-A-Way by Crown Products are great sanitizing wipes to use at any facility as they clean and deodorize all surfaces. You’ll not only be keeping equipment germ-free but also leaving behind a fresh rainforest scent.

Shower After Workout


Skipping a shower after a workout may seem like no big deal but it can actually cause unwanted bacteria. Sweaty gym clothes are a place bacteria love to breed. So, lounging around in gym clothes after a workout is not something you want to do. It’s best to take a shower as soon as you can after working out. Be sure to shower thoroughly and dry yourself off with a clean towel. Change into clean clothing to stay fresh and bacteria-free.

Protect Your Feet


Athlete’s foot is a common fungal infection that occurs in people that workout. This is best avoided by protecting your feet while at the gym. In a health club or gym shower it’s helpful to wear water shoes or flip flops. These items will protect your feet from any bacteria festering on the shower floor. Also, be sure to wash your feet thoroughly, and especially between the toes. If you find yourself likely to get athlete’s foot then using an antifungal powder on your feet should help prevent it.

Wear it, Wash it


Wash your workout clothes every single time you wear them. Even if you think that you barely broke a sweat do not wear your clothes again until you wash them. Especially because bacteria is still present in used gym clothes even if you didn’t sweat a lot during your workout. This also goes for clothing items like bathing suits and socks. Wash them after you wear them no matter what!

Skin Safety


A break or small cut in your skin can easily be covered up by a waterproof bandage while at the gym. When you have an open wound, skin break, or an infection it is better to avoid the pool and other common areas until fully healed. This will help you keep your wounds clean and avoid spreading bacteria to yourself and others. Keeping your skin safe and away from bacteria breeding grounds will also help you heal faster.

Don’t Share Personal Items


Any item that comes into contact with someone’s skin has the chance to be carrying bacteria. Avoid sharing items with others will help prevent you from using something that is contaminated with fungus. Personal items are best kept personal. So, don’t share your towels, soap, razors, brushes, or makeup. These items would make it easy for bacteria to travel from one person to another.

Pick a Clean Health Club


If you don’t already have a go-to gym be sure to make cleanliness part of your checklist when looking for one. When looking around make a note of whether or not the gym has a cleaning crew. Equipment at the gym should be clean and sweat-free when not in use. There should be wipe dispensers fully stocked to easily wipe down equipment. And bathrooms should have clean floors and surfaces.Choosing a gym that actively promotes cleanliness will help you keep up your own good hygiene.