Fostering a Dog can be Beneficial to Both Human and Dog

Dogs crave companionship as much as people and fostering a dog offers multiple benefits for canines and their humans. Canines find their way to shelters for any number of reasons. They may have been abandoned, abused or neglected. Some are relinquished when their human companions relocate to a domicile that doesn’t allow pets, their humans can’t care for them anymore, or an individual dies and there’s nowhere else for them to go. A large number of people discovered the joys of fostering a dog during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly the elderly and those living alone, but fostering is equally beneficial for families. Some dogs can live for a short time in shelters, but others become severely depressed. Fostering relieves the strain on the resources of shelters and play a crucial role in a dog’s ability to be adopted.


Dogs are social by nature and want to be with people. They may be shy at first when brought into a new environment, so give them a little space to acclimate. They’ll soon be following their foster human around the house and asking for cuddles. The benefits are mental, physical and psychological for both parties.

Real-Life Experience

Many individuals want a dog, but may not be fully prepared or cognizant of the responsibilities involved. Every lifestyle isn’t conducive to caring for a dog. Fostering a canine provides individuals with real-life experience in the care required. Puppies, adult and senior dogs each have different needs. Fostering is an opportunity to make a difference in a dog’s life and ascertain if it’s a lifestyle that’s compatible.


Many shelters will cover all or the majority of the cost of necessities for the dog being fostered. For those that love dogs but aren’t financially able to adopt at the moment, fostering is an excellent option.

Best Friend

Many people that already have a dog choose to foster. Being a foster “parent” gives an individual’s dog someone to play with and provides the foster dog with a potential role model from which to learn. When a dog already occupies a home, it’s critical that the two be introduced properly to avoid potential conflicts. Fostering also has the potential to create a human-canine match made in heaven. Many people discover that the dog they’re fostering has become an integral part of the family and their new best friend. Remember – adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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