Dog Breeds not Suited for the Florida Heat

It’s a fact of canine physiology – some dogs are simply not able to handle the heat in Florida and are at a high risk of suffering heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Some are brachycephalic, meaning they have short skulls and flat faces, making it difficult for them to breathe and regulate body temperature.

Others were bred for cold temperatures and overheat easily when the weather is hot. The following is a sampling of canines that don’t do well in elevated temperatures. Use caution when adopting these and similar breeds.


Bred for the cold on the Japanese island of Honshu, their thick coats insulate against the cold and make them prone to overheating in warm climates.

Alaskan Malemute

Originally bred by the Mahlemiut Inuit tribe for cold weather, they have a thick double coat of fur that provides insulation against the cold, but adversely affects them in the heat.

Boston Terrier

They’re a brachycephalic breed and prone to being overweight, making it difficult for them to breathe and regulate body temperature.


French and English bulldogs can’t breathe properly to cool themselves off due to their short skulls and flat faces. They’re prone to heat exhaustion and heat stroke in hot temperatures, even after a short walk.

Chow Chow

Their thick coat makes them subject to overheating. Shaving them damages their coat and results in sunburn.


A heavy coat and short muzzle is a recipe for overheating. Shaving them doesn’t help, can result in sunburn, and ruin their coat.


They have difficulty breathing due to their facial structure and are prone to obesity, making them susceptible to heat stroke.


Their long coat provides insulation against the cold, but works against them in the heat.

Shih Tzu

Long hair and a short nose make it difficult for the breed to regulate their body temperature.

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