Do All Surface Wipes Deodorize as Well as Sanitize?

Surface wipes have become an indispensable part of cleaning. Everyone wants their environment to smell good after using sanitizing wipes, but while many leave behind a pleasing scent, not all truly deodorize. Choose a product that clearly says it deodorizes and sanitizes.

What Causes Odors

The primary cause of odors in any environment is bacteria. When combined with body oils and sweat, it’s a stew that adheres to synthetic materials and builds up over time. It’s the reason that workout garments often retain an odor, even after being freshly laundered. Foot fungus will also cause odor and some types of materials actually contribute to the creation of odors.

How Deodorizers Work

Some wipes neutralize odors, while others mask. Neutralizing odors is especially important as people perceive environments that have a pleasing aroma as cleaner. There are multiple types of deodorizers and it will be up to the individual to determine the exact product they need and prefer. Sanitizers may or may not contain a deodorizer, depending on the product.


Bio-enzymatic deodorizers are effective against bacteria that feed on organic matter. This type of deodorizer releases specialized enzymes that dissolve the material upon which bacteria feeds. Bio-enzyme deodorizers typically take longer to work and are often used in hospitals, restrooms, and within the food and beverage industry.

Odor Eliminators

These products contain agents that bind to odor molecules and change their structure. The change in the molecules don’t allow them to attach to the odor receptors in the human nose, so they can no longer be detected. Odor eliminators are effective on smells that enzyme-based products won’t work, including sulfur and smoke.

Masking Agents

A masking agent simply covers malodorous smells. They typically leave a long-lasting fragrance that guests or clients associate with an environment being clean. They can be used in conjunction with enzymatic deodorizers and odor-eliminating agents.

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