City Style Pet Waste Stations

The majority of dog owners are considerate to others and clean up after their four-footed friends. However, dog feces are an ever-increasing problem for large cities. An easy and effective solution are city style pet waste stations that provide convenient bags and a receptacle for disposal of feces.

Pet waste stations are applicable anywhere there are canines. They’re a convenient solution at parks, dog parks, walking trails, beaches and campgrounds, along with hotels, apartment complexes, HOAs and animal shelters. They’re available in different sizes to accommodate any number of the dog population. It’s always best to overestimate the number of dogs and amount of feces generated. Dog ownership is increasing.

An estimated 11 million tons of dog waste is generated each year. Cities are taking a variety of measures to curb the waste that’s being indiscriminately left lying around and one of the most effective of those is dog waste stations. In the rush to get children to school or arrive at work on time, it’s easy for people to forget a bag to clean up after their canine friend. Dog waste stations provide an effective and user-friendly way to mitigate the problem.

Pet waste stations are also beneficial for encouraging inconsiderate dog owners to pick up after their pooch and conform to city regulations and ordinances. The problem of dog feces extends far beyond the mess. The waste generated can spread illnesses, diseases and parasites to people, other pets and wildlife.

Feces also wash into waterways where it can facilitate algae blooms. When dog waste enters waterways, it works to deplete oxygen levels that fish and other water-based life forms need to live. It affects fishing and other activities that are heavily tied to city economies. A pet waste station is a convenient and cost-effective way to manage dog waste and improve environmental hygiene.

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