Challenge Your Dog with Exercise

Dogs need physical exercise and mental stimulation. Pet parents can challenge their four=footed friends with exercise in the form of walks and playtime. Playing with your canine is an excellent bonding experience that’s beneficial for you both.

When dogs don’t receive enough mental or physical activity, they become bored and can acquire destructive behaviors. Keep in mind that dogs can get too much exercise, both mental and physical, just like their human counterparts, leading to stress and sore muscles and joints.

Agility Training

While any dog can learn elements of agility training, some are better at it than others. Depending on the size of the canine, they can learn to jump hurdles, climb an inclined surface, walk planks, go through tunnels, and weave through poles.

Hide and Seek

Many dogs love a game of hide and seek. They can be directed to find a specific person or toy hidden somewhere within the home.

New Places

It’s your responsibility to acclimate your dogs to new experiences so he/she isn’t fearful. You can accomplish that by taking walks in locations that are new instead of following the same old route every day.

Obedience Training

Brushing up on obedience skills for dogs is akin to a human taking a refresher course. It’s a good idea to keep sessions to no longer than 15 minutes.

Toys and Games

Playing games such as fetch or Frisbee are excellent ways for dogs to exercise. However, not all dogs are enthusiastic about such athletic pursuits. Puzzles such as the “shell game” in which they find a treat under a cup or bowl can be highly enjoyable for dogs.

Tricks and Chores

Teaching a dog any kind of behavior is dependent on your patience, being rewarded, and the dog’s natural proclivities. Some of the popular tricks people teach their dogs include giving a high-five, smiling, singing, and counting. Some working breeds take readily to learning how to pick up toys or take garments to the clothes basket.


Dogs can learn and understand a variety of words. You can increase your dog’s vocabulary by teaching them the names of their toys and can even expand into other objects. Once your dog learns specific words, try engaging in a scavenger hunt in the back yard or in the home.

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