Can Dogs be Trained to Use a Litter Box

Anyone with a dog has walked into their home to find that their canine has had an accident. Dogs that drink a lot and smaller breeds can’t go as long between being walked than others. While it is not an optimal solution, some dogs have been trained to use cat litter boxes.

While it’s possible to train a dog to use a standard litter box designed for felines, it’s not a good idea for large breeds, dogs that dig, and dogs with coprophagia. Individuals could come home to a big mess to clean up.

Smaller dogs are good candidates for litter box training, but not all dogs take to the training and will refuse to use the box. Be sure to demonstrate patience and reward the dog for the desired behavior, but bear in mind the canine may refuse to use it.

A select number of companies are now offering “litter boxes” specifically designed for dogs, but even then, not all dogs will use them. The dog litter boxes are available in multiple sizes and colors. The low-profile boxes are easy for canines to enter.

There are a few dog litter boxes that actually use litter or recycled paper pellets, but most are designed quite differently. They use grates placed over a tray. Liquids drain through to the tray beneath. The grate catches feces and they stay on top until a human removes them.

Other litter boxes use the same design, but employ a layer of artificial turf over the grate to simulate grass where a dog would usually relieve themselves. There are also litter boxes that use real grass and last 2 to 3 weeks until the grass dies and has to be replaced.

Other dog owners prefer to use puppy training pads. Typically used to potty train puppies, they can also be utilized by adult dogs. The pads are absorbent, but adult dog claws can rip them, leaving a mess to clean up.

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