Best Ways to Help Control Dirty Diaper Odor

There’s no way around it – dirty diapers stink. Fortunately, there are a variety of measures that parents, caretakers and even daycare centers can take to help control odor. If unsavory smells have already inundated a home, choose one of the following methods and don’t forget to open a window, if possible, to help dispel built up odors.

Empty the Diaper

Dump solid waste out of the diaper as soon as possible and flush it away. It’s especially important for cloth diapers. Consider a sprayer hose attachment that can be affixed to a sink faucet that makes spraying solid waste into the toilet a breeze.

Diaper Disposal Bags

Appropriate for disposable and non-disposable diapers, they can be used at home and on the go to alleviate odors. The bags are leakproof and have a pleasant powder scent. They’re a convenient way to transport soiled cloth diapers home for washing and for throwing away disposable diapers.

Empty Trash Often

The longer a dirty diaper remains in the trash, the better the chances that it will begin to smell up a structure. Consider taking out the trash more often, even if it means using more trash bags.

For those with trash pickup services, tossing the diaper directly into the receptacle may be an option. Investing in a smaller trash can rather than the standard 13-gallon size saves on larger trash bags and ensures the trash will be taken out more often.

Scented Oils/Baking Soda

To help quell unpleasant odors in diaper pails, consider sprinkling baking soda in the bottom between the pail and bag. Another option is to place a few drops of scented oil – eucalyptus works well – on a paper towel and placing it in the bottom of the pail.

Another option is to place a scented dryer sheet in the bottom of the pail. All those methods will need to be refreshed periodically. There are also diaper pails designed to accommodate anti-odor inserts. Be aware that plastic can absorb odors over time. Buy a new diaper pail each time a new baby is expected.

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