The Baby’s First Airplane Trip

Let’s face it, your baby is a bundle of joy, but now that he’s turned 4 months, it’s time to go on that trip you’ve been postponing for a long time. All the baby essentials are packed (don’t forget your bag), two or three of everything for him, now you are ready to head out to the airport. The baby, who at this point started eating certain baby foods will poop now more than ever. You handle that taxi accident like a pro with little to no mess thanks to your favorite bags and whisper to yourself: way to go, mom! But you sure know that it’s just the beginning of a whole lotta diaper changes.

At the airport, you try to delay feeding time until you’re all settled in waiting for the plane, but he is hungry. Fortunately, the check-in process is painless and you get to use the fast lane at airport security. (yay you!). Once you are able to sit down, you feed him again that delicious applesauce you made before to avoid a hunger meltdown on a plane. After all, it’s his first time flying to that mini vacation you’ve been planning for so long.

Right after he eats it all, oh-oh, here comes the poop train once again! Unsure what to do, you go to the nearest bathroom right after he’s done, flush any solid matter from the diaper into a toilet, and pack the dirty diaper into one of your poopy doo baby diaper disposal bags.

The baby sleeps through most of the flight but he wakes up asking for food! You have a bottle ready for him, and start feeding him. Since you did not prepare for this moment you wonder what to do if he poops again (he most likely will after every meal). Laura Sutherland, travel writer from Baby Center says:

On an airplane, put a soiled diaper in an airsick bag, seal it, and put it in the lavatory trash. Keep in mind that the FDA prohibits flight attendants from handling dirty diapers during food service, so don’t expect help from them. Some baby stores sell lightly scented plastic bags that allow you to temporarily store dirty diapers that you can’t throw away immediately.

Now since airsick bags won’t cover any “smelly” diapers, it is ideal to grab another diaper disposal bag with you when heading to the airplane bathroom. After changing him again inside that small space without anyone’s help, you know you can do anything. And that’s just another win to add to your awesome day.

The plane landed safely, and your baby is still asleep. All fears of that first trip disappear as you start looking at the beautiful scenery from the taxi’s window.

Once at the hotel, you feel proud and smile. You can’t believe how smooth this day went. It was almost as good as your dream. Now you feel ready to take over the world as the greatest mom.