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Poopy Doo Diaper Disposal Bags (400 ct)

Easy tie Poopy Doo bags are specifcally made to lock in wetness and soil and are infused with a light powder scent to conceal any odors. 400 large gusset tie-handle bags per roll. (2400 bags per case)


We Make Diaper Clean-Up A Breeze!

  • Diaper disposal bags tie up messes to avoid spreading leaky diaper messes.
  • They also lock smells away so you can breathe clearly.
  • Diaper disposal bags are convenient to take anywhere you go.

Have you tried putting a wet soiled diaper into one of those weak and leaky plastic grocery bags? Have you rolled them up only to find that they have somehow magically opened up? What a mess!

Now, diaper disposal is as easy as can be with Poopy Doo Diaper Disposal Bags. Keep them in the nursery, leave a pack at grandma’s house, carry diaper disposal bags in the car, and throw a pack in the diaper bag. Poopy Doo Diaper Disposal Bags go everywhere you do and make dealing with your baby’s used diapers as hassle-free as possible!

They are specifically made, treated, and sized for easy, convenient, and mess-free diaper disposal. They won’t leak and they’re easy to tie. Poopy Doo Diaper Disposal Bags have a pleasant powder scent.


  • Replacement bags for use with Poopy Doo Bag PD-DSP-06-WH.
  • Each roll contains 400 easy tie-handle bags.
  • 6 rolls per case for a total of 2400 powder scented bags to keep odors out.
  • Bag Size: 7” x 15” x 5”

When it’s time for a change, try Poopy Doo Diaper Disposal Bags.


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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 9.5 × 7.5 in

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